Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Share LINK Get Money $50 per day

Share LINK Get Money $50 per day

Share link you get  money $ 0.04, 
illustration if every day someone clicks  YOUR LINK 1000 Times
Then the money earned at 0.04 x 1000 = $ 40 ,,, How ?

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I have been receiving a lot invitations from my friends to register on They 

are saying that it has a legitimate paying Affiliate Program. I am kinda ignoring those invitations 
because I am so tired of wasting time on scam sites.
I recently joined several groups on Facebook. I was surprised that a lot of people are posting 
ads regarding They posting payment proofs and I am kinda doubtful. I did 
a research on it in Google and YouTube and I found out that it is really a legit paying site.
Here are some info about Affiliate Program:
The USD currency is used to add money to your account and make payments due to the affiliate
 program. To withdraw your affiliate money, you can choose between the Perfect Money, 
Bitcoin, OKPay, Payeer, QIWI currencies.
The minimum sum of earned money that can be withdrawn from your affiliate account is $1.00.
You can get up to $0.45 for each unique user you get.
Payments for one visitor consist of several separate amounts:
Basic rate – $0.04.
If the user engaged by you:

uses the exchanger monitoring service, you additionally get $0.01 x 2;
returns to the site in 3 days, you additionally get $0.02;
returns to the site in 7 days, you additionally get $0.03;
returns to the site in 14 days, you additionally get $0.05;
returns to the site in 30 days, you additionally get $0.07;
returns to the site in 60 days, you additionally get $0.09;
returns to the site in 90 days, you additionally get $0.13;
registered as a partner, you earn 15% of their income in our system;
registered as a partner and engaged another partner, you earn 5% of the latter's income in 
our system.

How to register:
STEP 1: Go to and click on the AFFILIATE PROGRAM tab.
STEP 2: Look for the Affiliate Registration section and then click on
STEP 3: In the Affiliate Registration page, fill out the USERNAME, E-MAIL and 
PASSWORDS fields. Check all the checkboxes below except for the 2nd to the last option. 
Click to verify and solve captcha then click on REGISTRATION.
For you to earn good on this site, you need to share you link everywhere. You will earn on
every unique link visit.

Sebar link dapat duit $0.04, illustrasi jika tiap hari ada yang klik LINK ANDA 1000 Kali
Maka uang yang di dapatkan 0.04 x 1000 = $40,,, Lumayan kan ?
Caranya Ikuti Seperti Di Bawah Ini :

1. Kunjungi Disini untuk mengunjungi situs tersebut
2.Selanjutnya click kata "monitoring" atau "Exchanger" yg ada di home page tersebut
3.Jika udah maka step selanjutnya yaitu click kata "Affiliate program" untuk mendaftar
5.Login ke account anda kemudian mulailah share link reff anda di fb/twitt/forum/blog
6.Tiap ada yg click akan mendapatkan $0.04
7.Pembayaran melalui perfectmoney/paypal/btc
8.Proses wd 5 hari kerja tpi g musti juga krna terkadang baru req wd pagi terus malamnya. 

Manfaatkan waktu luang anda utk menshare link ref tersebut agar anda bisa mendapatkan 
dollar gratis.